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Summer is coming. An image from a shoot for a sunscreen public health campaign using volunteer models from beautiful Brighton Beach.
Sundown is a very happy place. Shot this image for a sunscreen campaign on Brighton Beach, which is a mere pebbles throw from my home.
Slip, Slap, Slop!
One of my all times favourite gals right here! Hello Katie. Can any of my eagle-eyed Hove buddies name the venue for this shoot?
Creating it Old Skool. This beauty was shot on Black and White 35mm using my Canon F1. The negatives developed in a blackout box an the print made in a darkroom. Deep Joy!!!!!!
I meet the loveliest of humans, Maya you brought a beautiful energy and smile to my studio, thank you. You look super special. x
Hello Brighton and Hove City Council.... A brand new client with a super challenge...54 Headshots in 2 hours...eeek!
I love working with teenage girls, their energy is incredible. Hold on to it girls and don't let anyone ever tell you that you are not enough.
Note: it's usually a good idea to remove clothes before you attempt to wash them.
An arial view of London, shot from the very top of the British Telecom Tower in Fitzrovia, which is 191m high from the top of the aerial rigging. Eek. A terrifying gig for someone who is scared of heights!