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Hoorah! Brand spanking new Canon 5D Mark 4

I finally got my hands on a Canon 5D Mark 4 and I love the work I'm producing with it. It's such a beauty to handle.

This image was shot in my Hove studio using a large softbox to light the model and white brolly to light the backdrop.

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New Year, New backdrop...

The pleasure was all mine meeting the team from to shoot their headshots on my brand, spanking new Hera hand-painted canvas backdrop.

We had lots of fun and everyone was very happy with their new headshots.

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Goodbye 2018, it's been fun!

This is a very small selection of the gorgeous people I've had the pleasure of working with in 2018.

There has been endless tea and coffee, smiles, laughs, instructions, lots of instructions, baffled looks, head-scratching, brain whizzing and joy.

Thanks for your brilliant ideas, smiles, patience and trust, it's been a great year and I couldn't have done it without you x

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My happy place...

Fiddling around in Lightroom.

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The Wandering Womb

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Beautiful Ella

Ella popped by my studio for some Headshots and when they were done we went off brief to produce these beautiful portraits which involved lots of hair flicking!

A young woman with big dreams. If I've helped you on your journey I'm thrilled. If I can make portraits to empower and build confidence in young women I'm happy!

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Rebuilding lives after Grenfell

Meet the nurse-led outreach team bringing hope for recovery to the community in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire. It was an honour to meet these incredible people who make such a positive impace on people's lives. 

(Great work Leah Williams)

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Go for a walk.

You don't need a studio, with a complicated lighting set-up to take beautiful portraits. If your subject is anxious in a studio setting go outside for a walk and watch them relax.

This was shot with a canon 85mm prime lens at f2.8, late afternoon, with the sun low in the sky, for a beautiful, golden, directional side light.

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I've been inspired...

To eat better and move more after spending a brilliant morning at the clinic of Modern Naturopathy with Rebecca Tanyar-Mead DipCNM mBANT mCNHC, she is truly inspiring and oozes health and well-being, I picked up lots of fantastic tips about how to better nourish myself and my family. Check out her website and Instagram page for lots of delicious recipes.

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Lucas watching the rain fall.

Personal Work: Lucas watching the rain fall. 

I'm biased, of course, but I think this little man is totally cool!

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Portrait of Britain 2018

Portrait of Britain 2018. My entries have been submitted. Finger's crossed!

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Highlighting the kindness and courage of nurses.

On location with the Royal College of Nursing. I'm always blown away by the kindness and courage of nurses and grateful to the patients who are willing to assist us in highlighting the incredible work they do every day.

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Smile Please!

These images were shot on location with my mobile studio - which, for this brief, comprised of a single monobloc with beauty dish and sock, a gold reflector and a simple grey backdrop.

I travel to you so the only thing you have to do is smile!

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Rachel needed stylish images to promote her brand and feed social media content. "If anyone wants some incredible shots done for their business get in touch with Justine, she will make you feel amazing". Rachel Davis, Business Owner Lala Tigers.

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Royal College of Nursing

It was my absolute pleasure to be invited to RCN HQ to document the unveiling of Nurses WW1 Journals to their families for the first time.

Incredible work is being done by the RCN to create a new online resource showcasing the long lost stories from the First World War, by digitising scrapbooks and diaries, the project will build a bridge across the past century, connecting the stories of WW1 nurses to the tales of those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Using the nurses' own words, sketches and photographs, the resource will reveal the true stories of defense nurses past and present, shining a light on the unsung heroes of the nursing profession

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National Ambulance Resilience Unit

I have been working closely with the National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU) for a number of years recording training exercises with Police, Fire and Ambulance crews.

My job is to record what is happening throughout the exercise by putting myself in the centre of the action without getting in the way of the work that is taking place. Working with NARU I have had to squeeze myself into the smallest of places in their training facility, climb aboard a simulated train crash, climb up ladders and scaffolds, squeeze through tunnels and more. The work is always interesting and usually dirty!   

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Royal College of Nursing

Working with the Royal College of Nursing has taken me all over the UK to work with nurses in hospitals, surgeries, academia, schools and prisons. I am comfortable working in all environments. The imagery we are shooting may involve vulnerable people in stressful situations and part of my job is to gain their trust and consent for us to shoot and use the images, I do this by explaining carefully why we need the images and what they will be used for.

I am able to read a situation quickly and my approach is always considerate, my clients know that I can deliver the shots they need without upsetting anybody in the process. I am happy to work with clients on a shoot but I can also work alone to a brief.

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National Audit Office

The National Audit Office commissioned me to work on a project called 'Promoting Healthier Lifestyle for Prisoners'. We visited prisons throughout the UK and photographed staff and inmates.

One of my tasks was to encourage prisoners to participate and capture them in ways which would protect their identity, whilst also managing to deliver the key messages outlined in the brief.

I was also tasked to supply models and organise locations to make images in which we could show the subjects faces.

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Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain commissioned me to work on a project visiting universities across the UK to meet pharmacy students and profile their work.

I visited 12 different locations armed with a client brief, met the students and photographed them at work. The shots were candid in style goving potential students an insight to the work they would be doing on a Pharmacy course.   

A couple of days later my client was able to download and use the images.

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Ambulance Service Association

"The Ambulance Service Association commissioned Justine Desmond Photography to capture images ...from the first meeting Justine was brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. During the shoots, her professional approach and can-do attitude were instrumental in achieving some excellent results". Karen Gostt (Policy and Communications Manager)