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Can I take my own Headshot?

You're probably reading this because you are on the fence about whether or not you need to get a headshot, trust me you do. 

A series of experiments by Princeton psychologists Janine willis and Alexander Todorow revealed that "all it takes is a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face".

I know you really don't enjoy having your picture taken and there are a million and one other things that you would prefer to be doing but you can't put it off forever, your clients want to see you and they want to see you looking your best, they want to know that you take your business seriously and that you are willing to invest it in so with that in mind I've tried to make the entire process super easy and enjoyable.

It starts with a zoom call so you can tell me about your business and your audience. We also talk about lighting, backdrops and clothing and put together a shoot plan that works for you. 

My studio is in Hove and it's really chill, we start with a tea or coffee and go through your shoot plan so you can add in anything you forgot on our zoom call and so we are really clear about what we want to achieve. We can go through your clothes and looks and decide the running order. You can choose some music or opt for silence and we can begin shooting. 

I will tether the shoot (optional) if you want to see your images in realtime as they pop up on my macbook, that way you can enjoy cretive control and the process is a collaboration.

After the shooting is complete you can sit around twiddling your thumbs whilst I carefully hand-edit the images for beauty, colour and clarity and when this work is complete you will be the first to know. 

Clients always say lots of nice things about our time together and very much enjoy the experience.

So what are you waiting yours in today and let's get this done! Woohoo!! 

Justine x

Posted on Friday 8th July 2022

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