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Marketing is Essential to your Business

The big bosses took their feet off the desks, stumped out their fags, put the booze back in their lockable drawers and called in a team of experts to examine the business model. Can you guess were we were going wrong, yep you got it, we shoulda had a marketing department.

Marketing is something that all business owners have to get to grips with and photographers are no exception. Spending time working on your own projects is not just about having full creative control and a good time, it's essential. It shows potential clients that you love what you do, helps you to make new contacts, gives you content to drive your direct marketing campaigns and if the work is good enough you can raise your profile by entering competitions and exhibiting the images.

Marketing was one of the driving forces for 'The Swimmers' project and if you've been following my social channels you'll know the project was picked up by the Outdoor Swimmer magazine, in which we have a beautiful feature and a front cover, and I was invited to participate in the Swim Wild podcast, in which I describe the process employed by a photographer to create a series of work. On top of this, a couple of days ago I was invited by The British Photography Awards to submit this series for inclusion into a showcase of Covid 19 assignments which form a collection of work from an international peer group for the viewing pleasure of a global audience.

I've been approached by 3 swimwear companies to photograph their new collections once lockdown ends and I have made many new connections with potential clients.

This post is for any freelancer who is feeling the strain of a year long pandemic and the devastating impact it may have had on your business. Keep on with the marketing, keep on doing your thing and in those moments when you feel like you want to stop keep on going because one day you wil certainly reap the reward.

Max, from my new series 'The Swimmers'. Hove Beach, November 2020.

Posted on Friday 19th March 2021

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