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Studio opening 12th April

It feels like such a long time ago that I had to close my studio doors and I've really missed having you here. I've been looking after 2 small kids and attempting home schooling so it's fair to say I've had my hands full!

I've also use the time to give the studio a refresh, I've decorated the shoooting space and it's looking pretty special with new Pink Ground walls and some additional set furnishings which are gorgeous.

All the usual additional backdrops are available and I can order any specific colours you need prior to the shoot.

I have a mulititude of light modifiers so you tell me what you want to create and I'll put my brain into gear and figure out how to deliver it.

I'm shooting portraits, fashion and product so book in for whatever you need and I will see you very soon, I'm so looking forward to welcoming you back.

Justine x 

Posted on Monday 15th March 2021

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